Competition between physical stores and e commerce websites is fierce. One look at all the recent store closings is enough to illustrate that point. Most chains survive using one of two methods. They either have a website as well as physical locations, or they offer everyday low prices on common items that are guaranteed to stay low.

Outlet stores, for example, may have a guaranteed low price on a specific brand of dog food. Lawn and garden chains may offer pricing on mulch that is even lower than website pricing. The idea is that people will enter the store for those items and end up buying more items. Sale items and special offers will change, but those particular prices will always be that low.

Where to Find Low Prices

In most cases prices will be featured in flyers, radio advertisements, and television commercials. They may be posted on social media pages as well in the hopes that people will share the information. Some stores will publish free catalogs that contain only the regular low prices so customers can use them for reference. A Panorama Catalog, for example, will have a complete list of everyday low price items and the guaranteed low price for each one.

Discount outlets can be accessed for an annual membership fee. There are usually individual memberships and business memberships to accommodate needs and budgets. A family will be using the discount locations much less than a business so membership is at a lower cost. These stores will have a wide variety of sections and items, from jewelry to appliances, to food and clothing.


Another place to find consistently low pricing is a community cooperative (co-op). Some are open to the public, while others require membership. Memberships to co-ops are easy to get and are encouraged by those that do allow the public to benefit from lower prices. Pricing is low because the cooperative utilizes group buying power so individuals can purchase items at bulk pricing.

There are food cooperatives, agricultural ones, and many that offer a variety of goods and services to members. Joining a co-op ensures pricing based on the economies of scale. Services are discounted, buying equipment will cost less, and home heating oil may be available at wholesale pricing for members. Information on community cooperatives can be found online, at social services agencies, and on community bulletin boards.