Medication Avoided by Members of Different Religions

Various equipment, tools and drugs are used in preventing, diagnosing and disease treatment. They are known as medicine. When a person has an illness, he/she will have some symptoms. A diagnosis is then done by the doctor in a health facility. The doctor then gives medication mainly in form of an injection or swallowing drugs if he/she discovers the person is ill. On the other hand, a religion is a cultural system with a strong belief in supernatural powers.

Muslim, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism are the major religious groups in the world. These groups have strong unseen powers that determine a person’s destiny. They also restrict the use of certain medication, foods, drinks and other things. The followers of this religions should avoid using the restricted things otherwise he/she will be going against his/her religion which has some consequences. Below are the medications that should be avoided by different religions.

Christians should avoid using abortion and children control medication. Medication that reduces the number of children a woman gives birth to is called family planning medication. The process of removing an unborn baby from the womb is known as abortion. After God created Adam and Eve, he told them to go and sire children in order to fill the world. Christianity restricts the methods that control the population including medication. A Christian should stay clear from birth control and termination. A Christian is supposed to read Billy Graham Quotes and like the Christ Like Media Facebook page to learn more on this.

Church of Christ followers should completely avoid seeking medication. In case a Church of Christ member gets sick, he/she should avoid visiting a hospital. The member is supposed to seek medication from a Christian Scientist Practitioner who heals through prayers. In case of broken limbs and bones, a follower should visit the doctor so that the bones are set then seek prayers from the Church of Christ Christian Scientist. Sick followers of these religious groups eventually die because the Christian Scientists are unable to attend to them.

Muslim and some Christianity groups restrict some animal-derived medications. Pork products should be avoided by many Christianity groups and all Muslims. In the story in the Bible, Jesus sent demons from demon-possessed men to a herd of pigs. The pigs then rushed down a cliff into a lake and died. These Christianity groups argue that if you consume pork and its products, you will get demons. In the Muslim holy book, Allah has advised Muslims to avoid the use of swine products.

Rastafarians are barred from using medication derived from animal products. Rastafarians are not supposed to consume animal products. They are supposed to only consume lightly cooked foods. These are the drugs that should be avoided by various religious groups.

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